by Frontyards

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released July 22, 2016

vox- gianni and max
guitar- gianni max and franklin
bass- will gianni and max
drums- donato
keys- gianni and max
trumpet- gianni
aux perc/gadgets- gianni max and donato

Album Art by Henry Crane

Recorded by Cameron Konner @ Olive's Garden in Philadelphia PA

Mixed/Mastered by Cameron Konner



all rights reserved


Frontyards Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia rugged rockers , , , Massimo Pignetti, Giancarlo Pignetti, Donato Pignetti, Franklin Mostoller, and Will Mcgoran. Hit us up at

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Track Name: Too Much
dont wanna know what you find out on your trip around the world
youll ruin it for me

cause you talk to much and you dont say anything
and i dont know why youre wasting breath
why you wasting breath?

if youre so smart youd put down that cigarette but that would be just
way too hard for a man in charge

you only ask me a question so you could answer it
thats asking too much
big mouth strikes again
Track Name: Christian & Carlito
i wanna do things but its so damn hard
its so much easier to do nothing at all
i thought if i didnt care my worries would be gone
but i just dont care all the worries are there

i know that (its all downhill from here)

the label on the bottle is peeled off
and the liquid in my body's all spewed out
my nails got too short and the days got too long
i guess that should even things out
Track Name: Ohio (Westbound)
these machines run on gasoline to get you there and cut your plants
and my girlfriend's so mean because she gets me mad and cancels plans yeah

as I drop through the atmosphere and i scream, the clouds in the sky arent as thick as they seem
theyre not, they will not catch your fall

I cant sell you all my loved ones
(and you cant hide anything at all)
going through ohio westbound
(you cant do anything at all)

honey i dont want to play this blame game with you anymore
because you know that we both lost when you started keeping score

through ohio westbound

i put the oil from my car in my hair
(now i look good)
i put the oil from my car in my hair
(now i look great)
i put the oil from my car in my hair
now i look good)
i put the oil from my car in my hair and now im going nowhere

going through ohio westbound
Track Name: Bleached
college is a lie
knowledge comes from spirits and higher power
(fuck that shit)

youre not from the city though you wish you were
you cuffed your pants and sleeves and tucked in your shirt

to show you belong here
you bleached your hair

king midas touch on your head
you just want us to know youd rather be dead

bleached your hair
you dont belong here

you skipped school just for fun
i skipped school to get things done
you dont shower for weeks on end
you sell your music on cassette

the difference between me and you is i dont hate myself
your roots grew too long and now its time for midas to shave your scalp

you bleached your hair

your hair is so dry
you bleached your life
Track Name: (I'm in Love with the) Mailwoman
I'm in love with the mailwoman
and now I'm seeing her everyday
because I use my one day shipping
just to see her pretty face
I'll send me an envelope
with her own damn name on it
and when she opens it up
she'll think I'm out of my wit
I sent me an envelope
and she read it with a frown :(
and by the time the flowers came
she was switched to a different route
I'm still in love with the mailwoman
I'm not seeing her anytime soon
But I guess I gotta admit
the new mailwoman's looking pretty cute
Track Name: (In)side
have you been swimmin in my dreams
its my favorite scene
try to swim upstream
you get swept too deep

have you been sailin in my mind
beautiful and doin fine
just in time
tidal wave comes and takes your life

have you been fishin in my thoughts in my thoughts
youre in the new boat your parents bought
try to reel one in

( ( ( ( ( its seaweed ) ) ) ) )

have you been swirlin in my head
just before you go to bed
you get a call from the hospital
theyve come to tell you kid
that your mother is


Track Name: Lemons
i wear my name like it came from ellis island
just so you can say it right
i wear my shirts so i look as if im dying just so you can say i tried

while cutting lemons that life has gave you be careful not to lose a finger
while on the other side of a knife be careful not to let your life linger

i wear your your heart on my sleeve with weak thread
torn and dry
i am starting to think it's not the onions that made you cry
Track Name: Pushover
im not a pushover i think ive been too nice
i asked you twice but anymores too many times
(2 many times)
you wont answer me i might as well not try
i dont want you to think im a lash inside ur eye

i wanna be unremitting not annoying
theres a fine line between the two things

ill be lookin at an empty fridge for now
on the inside and on the out
(and on the out)
no more condiments that nobody will use
and no more pictures of old news

youre getting mad at me cause you think i dont try
the truth IS that we both dont
( )
Im waiting to move out and in and on and off the grid
you know im old enough to be an army kid
Track Name: Down (Life's a Bitch and Then You Die)
i know that im not the only one
sometimes i wish that i was
cause when it comes to sympathy
that never really works out for me

down feelin down if you take a look around
the whole world's on a pedestal and im in a ditch
you could say that lifes a bitch
then you die
then U DIE
Track Name: Short Term Conceitedness (What Happens After The Compliment)
I saw
that sweet
nothing creep into your ear

It triggered heightened cheek bones and dug out dimples
"you shouldn't have "
I shouldn't have.

you kept talking 'bout your cover
but your pages were blank

Even if you did write something it would be plagiarized or worse yet, contrived.

that you
kept on talking

1) to feel your saliva slosh in your mouth
2) to bear your pearly whites
3) to hear the song of your own voice

Our eyes
and they locked in place.

The beam of your gaze hit my corneas and reflected straight back through yours. I knew it was intentional i saw right through it.
Track Name: ¿Adonde Waltz?
When I was a boy just one of 3
I was an astronaut For Halloween
The mask had no holes and I could not breathe

You don't know unless you can't breathe
Keep me on ground I'm Swallowing the key

Sky was the limit and I've gone too far
Stay on earth there's no life on Mars
Pull yourself together it's why we keep you here to die

When I was a boy I was only 2 I cast myself away I ran in the nude
Their eyes grabbed hold
They didn't want to intrude

You don't know unless you can see
Keep my clothes on then I'm swallowing the key

My house was the limit and I've gone too far
Stay inside put your clothes on
Pull yourself together it's why we keep you here to die

Now I'm a boy
I'm 1 of 1
I'm cast away
There's no need to run
Cause there's no place to run
There's no place to run